Let the remembrance of the destruction of Dresden grow and spread. It is something very easy which everybody can do by arranging your own moment of remembrance for your family, or friends, or like-minded.

It can be a large event with many participants, or a small one with just a couple of people.

Choose and visit a beautiful place on the night of the 13th, 14th, or 15th of February.

Bring a few candles or cressets/pitch torches, and flowers. Hand held torches are beautiful and makes it easier to take beautiful photos.

If you like, bring a framed or just glazed-in picture.

Say a few meaningful words and hold a minute's silence.

Take photos and mail them to our contact address.

Forward this invitation. Invite all you can over the Internet to hold their own ceremonies, to visit this web site, and have their pictures published here.
If you want to use a printed and framed/glazed-in picture, you can either make it yourself, or you can use ours. For a printer friendly high resolution version of the montage to the right(text in English), click here (size 30 x 40 cm), or here (size 30 x 45 cm) or here (size A4 = 21 x 29.7 cm).

Below are short stories in pictures from moments of remembrance, ceremonies or official manifestations, which private persons or organizations have sent us or let us otherwise use.

Send us your pictures, and we will publish them here with a few words. Tell us where and when they were taken, and also a few lines about the circumstances. Also whether or not you would like to have a contact address stated.



Time: February 13, 2007 Place: Baltimore, U.S.A.

"To the devastation of Germany, from Dresden on, we remember and mourn."

Contact address: ---



Time: February 13, 2006 Place: Baltimore, U.S.A.

"For all those souls lost at Dresden, and our own personal loss of family."

Contact address: ---