The Dresden committee is a small and rather anonymous, but not secret, group with minimal activity.

It doesn’t work politically, and produce no political articles, reports or proposals, beyond what may be expressed in published or linked material about those two war events or the remembrance of them.

The purpose of the committee is partly to hold two ceremonies a year in remembrance of the victims of the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff and the terror bombing of the city of Dresden, and partly to show – mainly in pictures, but also with audio and film/slideshows – that the memory of what happened remains.

The committee is only active prior to the two manifestations and a short while after while updating the web site. Normally there are no updates in between.

Those who feel that this has significance and means something to them personally, and who can conduct (and dress) in a way that goes well with the solemn atmosphere, and who bring a torch and a flower, are welcome to participate. The visual impression is very important, as the report afterwards is mainly in images. A large and growing body of attendants is usually desired, but should the arrangement prove difficult to carry through in a proper way, a lesser attendance may be better.

The photographers hold the copyright of the still and/or motion images. On request the committee normally grants permission to use our photographic material. Before publishing we either speak to persons who can be seen in the images, or speak to people who know them.